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Evening Shade Boer Goats
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Evening Shade Farm

Home of Quality Percentage and Full Blood Reg. Boer Goats

Bucks, Does, Market Wethers, and commercial does.  Select our great young does to start the foundation of your herd.Great size, conformation,health, and disposition,,,some with just enough nubien in them to produce great udders and lots of milk.

This is some of the herd trying out the new culverts we were given by a local company in St Martinville.

Welcome to Evening Shade Farm, located in southern Louisiana just east of Lafayette.  Our interest in goats began ten years ago with our horse farm needing some alternate stock to rotate with our horses.

 We have been raising Missouri Foxtrotting horses for over thirty years.  It was our great blessing to be introduced to the beautiful boer goats at a local 4H show at the high school just down the road. We decided that day that the boer goat was the one we wanted on our farm.

 We purchased a doe and her three babies and our adventure began. 

Oh how we fell in love with these sweet, gentle, beautiful animals. I can actually say that I love these littles babies more than the foals I have raised all these years. You can have so much interaction with them. Their highjinks will keep you entertained for hours. Sweet, sweet babies, gentle, gorgeous and fun.


 This was one of our great percentage bucks we sold. . . All have been handled and will make great herd bucks. .


Your first birthing will probably be twins and these will more than cover the cost of your new buck!! All the rest will be profit!

 King of the Hill!

We provide play and climbing areas for the herd in each pasture. All fences are hot wired and we have never had any predators come around. These two kids are under one month old.



These babies are so much fun to watch!